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Gross picture but oh well. I’m so mad! What gives people the right to blatantly steal something and claim it as their own? I mean, if you can’t even trace well, what on earth made you think you can get away with it?! I was checking out this person’s profile because they had won a Stop Bullying art contest with a drawing I liked. As I was scrolling, it all looked a bit suspicious, then I came across this: it looked quite familiar, so I double-checked 😡 What the Heck man?! #credittheoriginalartist #DestinyBlue #isamazing #stoptracingeverything #tracingwonthelpyouimprove #tracingstopsartprogress #tracingispointlessandbadforyourartunlessyoureinking #arttheft #stolen #anger #mad #stopbullying #yeah #stoptheft #artthefthurts #hypocrite Spread this, I’m sure this isn’t the only picture they copied…

I miss my sweet babydog… Missey Jasmine, 7/23/14
We had her for almost 16 years- 2/3rds of my life, a lot of that time when I didn’t have/couldn’t trust anyone else. She was so sweet and playful, so downright friendly and such a good dog. I miss her. I miss her so much… We’re not sure what breed she was, but she was almost 18. She had bad cataracts, she was going deaf, probably nose-blind. She had a lot of lumps that bugged her, she could hardly walk at all anymore, she couldn’t really eat, and she was so exhausted because when she actually laid down on her side, she struggled to breathe, so she wasn’t getting much sleep… I guess I just wasn’t ready to let her go… She was in so much pain, and now she’s free. I just wish it wasn’t so hard… 💔

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